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I’m not kidding when I say these arrived at my doorstep at the right time, my T-zone was in serious need of a blackhead clear out and pimples were making an appearance more than usual last month. I blame stress from exams! Influenster kindly sent me October’s VoxBox which included 2 products from Dermalogica’s new Clear Start line that I’ve been putting to the test these past few weeks.


Breakout Clearing Booster 30ml | $28 CAD


So a little info about my skin… I’m not one who usually breaks out. At most, I’ll get a small pimple or two every other month either on my forehead or nose that usually goes away after a few days. This October though was a different story – I had multiple, although small pimples around my cheeks and forehead that I was having a difficult time getting rid of. My guess of why they’re there is either because of stress or food – I was particularly busy last month.

Back to the product, this is an acne treatment that claims to work in 15 minutes and clear breakout-causing bacteria for rapid skin clearing.

I chose to use this as a spot treatment by applying it to my problem areas every night which includes pimples and acne scars. While it doesn’t work in a mere 15 minutes, it does shrink and dry my pimples in a day or 2, which is pretty excellent considering pimples usually stay on my face a week or more without treatment.

I love how this product also brightened up a few of my blemishes. I have uneven skin tone and acne scars especially on my cheeks, and I’ve noticed it lightened up newer acne scars within 2 weeks.

There is a noticeable smell that took me some time to get used to, but overall this is a product that would be better suited to have for someone who breaks out often.


Blackhead Clearing Fizzmask 50ml | $28 CAD


Having never tried a fizz mask before, this was the product I was most eager to test out! This fizz mask aims to clean pores and helps target blackheads – recommended use is 2-3 times a week. Ingredients include sulfur which provides anti microbial benefits, apple fruit extract for hydration and kaolin clay to absorb excess oil and to purify the skin. Best of all, it only takes 3-5 minutes for the mask to activate! I usually use masks that take anywhere from 10-20 minutes to dry during my weekly pamper nights, but on other nights it can be a bit of a hassle – it’s wonderful that there are products out there that take a few minutes to work but gives you the same results if not better.

This mask comes out as a thick serum and once applied to the skin it takes seconds before you see and feel the product fizz up. Yes, it tickles, and yes, it foams up really nicely – after the 5 minute mark the foam then sort of dissolves and looks the way it was when you first applied it.

After 5 weeks of use 3 times a week, I can say that this has really helped clean my pores from all the dirt buildup. Right after use I can feel that my problem areas especially around my nose is a lot softer and smoother as opposed to it feeling a little rough and textured before using the mask. After continued use the fizz mask has really helped brighten up my overall complexion.



The breakout clearing booster worked well for me, however I feel that it isn’t really a product that’s aimed for my skin type – I will continue to use it as a spot treatment for pimples, but I won’t be purchasing once I run out. The product I thoroughly have been enjoying is the fizz mask which has been a staple in my skincare routine these past few weeks! I’ve really been looking forward to using it and it is such a fun, quick mask to use that gives me results. The fizz mask will be a definite purchase!

Dermalogica is a gluten free, vegan, paraben free and cruelty free brand.

what Dermalogica products are you enjoying?


I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes*