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In the nude physicians formula review

Physicians Formula has been one of the first few brands I’ve tried years ago when I was just getting into makeup,

and the natural ingredients that they use on their products is simply what keeps me coming back for more! To my knowledge, they’re the only drugstore brand in Canada that use natural ingredients and are hypoallergenic (please do correct me if there are other Canadian drugstore brands that are the same though).

I purchased a kit 3 months ago that came with mascara, 2 eyeliners and their shimmer strip eye shadows as Shoppers Drug Mart was having a sale and I just couldn’t resist! Here is what’s in the kit…

In the nude physicians formula review

Shimmer Strip Eye Shadow

The colours in this palette is really what made me want to buy the whole kit in the first place; I’m really loving warm and earth tone eye shadows lately!

It comes in the classic packaging all their shimmer strips have but instead of the usual clear plastic, the packaging is nude with black lace all around. How cute! It definitely doesn’t look like your typical eye shadow palette but I love how compact it is. I prefer quality over appearance though, and the packaging is a little flimsy, especially the lid.

The palette consists of 9 shades – all of which are shimmer. Again, I really do love all the shades; they’re ideal for the perfect natural-nude eye look. The colours come out really dull when swatched, but using a wet brush to apply makes the shadows so much more pigmented on the lid. Swatches on this post are swatched on wet so that you are able to see the colours properly.

These are beautiful colours for all over the lid and the lighter shades makes a really nice inner corner highlight. I’m a bit let down that none of their palettes have mattes though, I personally don’t use shimmer on my crease so I need to grab another palette to be able to complete a look. The formula is pretty consistent, and I have no problem working with any of the shadows.

Another issue for me is the whole layout of the palette. Having all the colours right next to each other just makes it unnecessarily difficult to pick up an eyeshadow without also picking up the one right next to it! At the moment, I find that I don’t use this palette that often simply because I have better ones.

In the nude physicians formula review


The kit comes with 2 eyeliners – one black and one brown. Both retractable, I find these perfect to use on the waterline along with the mascara that came with the kit to really give my lashes a full look. This claims to be water resistant, smudge resistant and lasts 24 hours, so I had pretty high expectations. Application is creamy and smooth though I wish the product was a bit more softer as I have to go over at least twice to really get the colour to pop.

The liner lasts all day and the swatches I purposely left on my hand would just not budge. 24 hour wear definitely stretches it but… long lasting? check!

It’s also worth mentioning that both eyeliners have small glitter specks if you look at it in the tube closely but when it’s on the skin it isn’t as noticeable.

The Dual Ended Mascara

This is probably my favourite out of the entire kit! Can you tell by the faded logo that it’s been well loved? The mascara is dual ended – one side black and the other a shimmery cool toned dark brown. My lashes don’t clump up until the third layer, but I normally only do 2 layers so this isn’t an issue for me. The brown mascara made it seemed like I had no lashes as it contrasts with my dark hair so it’s not something I’ll be using on its own but it looks like this would be perfect for those with lighter hair who wants natural looking lashes. So not to waste any product, I use the brown mascara first then apply the black one on the second layer. if you’re trying to aim for that I-look-like-I’m-not-wearing-mascara-and-my-lashes-are-just-really-thick-and-luscious look then this is perfect for you.

It starts to slightly flake off at around the 6 hour mark, so that’s something to keep in mind!

Overall, for only $23 CAD this is such a bargain. You can find plenty of kits from Physicians Formula among other brands in Shoppers Drug Mart, they go on sale frequently as well so keep an eye out for the good deals!

What are some Physicians Formula products you’ve tried and love?