Growing Long & Healthy Nails

Nails are a girls bestfriend… (or maybe just mine)

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been into taking care of my nails and making sure they look nice. I actually find nail care and painting my nails quite therapeutic, so this plays a pretty big part as to why I’m so dedicated to take care of them.

For nail art purposes, I like to keep my nails long, so it’s vital that I give them attention to avoid unwanted broken, chipped nails. Seriously, they’re the worst… and really, really painful, might I add. Plus, it always takes too long for them to grow back and a broken nail among long ones just look awkward… do I need to go on?

don’t use your nails as tools

I’m still very guilty of doing this, but half the reason why I chip my nails in the first place is because I use them as tools. Don’t use your nails to open cans, remove stickers, push objects or really anything that puts pressure on your nails. Get creative and use something else or if you’re out of ideas, your best bet is to ask someone to help you. Yes, you might get called a princess… don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Nails get dry too, so make sure to moisturize to avoid brittle and frail nails. The skin around my nails used to be so dry that it was peeling off and hangnails used to make a frequent appearance. A little help from lotion and cuticle oils eliminated my problem quickly.

My favourite nail polish remover and the only one I’ve been using for the past year is the Sally Hansen moisturizing nail polish remover, it’s gentle and doesn’t dry my nails and cuticles out. The type of nail polish remover you use can also affect your nails, and this one has certainly helped keep my nails feeling healthy.

file your nails correctly

Filing your nails in a back and forth motion like you’re sawing is a big no-no, as this causes the nails to weaken making it much easier to break. It’s best to file in one direction and hold the nail file flat as holding it on an angle will thin the tips of your nails.

Try to avoid emery board nail files as well, as they have a rough grit. Instead, use a glass nail file as they’re much more gentle and last so much longer. From my experience, emery board nail files are usable for only around a month until they fall apart and are basically unusable.

use nail polish as often as possible

I haven’t been painting my nails as much these past few months because I’ve been busy, however I always make sure I apply clear nail polish weekly. Having nail polish on thickens the nail which in turn keeps your nail strong.

don’t grow your nails too long

I know this post is about getting your nails long, but it’s important to keep them at a reasonable length – find the right length that is most comfortable for you! I’m not sure if there is actual reasoning behind this, but I find that having my nails in a coffin shape also equals less breakage. Experiment which nail shape suites you and your lifestyle best as well.