What I’ve Been Up To This Summer

It seems that taking breaks from blogging is becoming a regular thing around here…

Creating content is hard. Like, really darn difficult sometimes. I’ve spent plenty of afternoons staring at the screen searching my brain for what to say, only to end up changing my title 12 times with the word count still being at 0. Truth is, I’ve spent more than I care to admit wasting my time staring at a blank screen. It’s frustrating.

And yeah, I am pretty bummed about it.

Anyway, how was your summer? I had quite a boring one to be honest, but here are a few notable events that happened these past few months:


  • A childhood friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in 4 years traveled all the way to BC to visit me for 4 days. We went on a shopping spree, became tourists for a day and watched a ridiculous amount of movies while also eating a ridiculous amount of carbs. Perfect weekend if you ask me.
  • I’ve moved! Living in a big city, when you get a chance to move to a prime location, you take it. I’m ecstatic to be living in an area where everything from the library to the grocery store is accessible, and even more delighted that a mall is simply a 4 minute walk away. Perhaps it just fuels the shopaholic in me even more (it totally does), but getting the chance to shop the sales each week just makes me so darn happy??
  • I’ve signed up for a gym membership and have been exercising regularly. Uhh who am I? But on a serious note – I’ve been feeling unhealthy and a little uncomfortable in my body for awhile now, so when I moved last March and found out a gym was a one minute walk away, I had no excuse. It can be difficult to get myself out the door and into the gym at times, but working out has definitely improved my mental health and that’s something that helps to keep me going.


Usually, I would be doing a lot more during summer. As a student, the summer months are really the only time I’m able to do my own thing. Like traveling for example. As uneventful my summer was, I’m quite glad it ended up being that way – I was able to get plenty of me time, catch up on reading my books and had the time to take in and appreciate being in the moment.

Now, moving over to the blog situation… I always say I’ll post regularly when I come back from a long break, but this time I’m making no promises. It simply isn’t a priority at the moment, and that’s okay. I’ve put too much pressure on myself to keep up with other bloggers who blog regularly, which isn’t fair to myself. As I’m writing this, I still have a week before the school year starts so I definitely have time to write up a few posts…

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be back to my usual routine of writing essays on the daily. And I’ll totally regret saying this; but I’m kinda looking forward to it?

What were you up to this summer?