How Taking A Break From Blogging Improved My Creativity

Hi my name is Reine and I am the ~queen~ of blogging breaks.

I know – I’ve taken plenty of breaks from my blog, especially during almost the whole of 2017 when I moved back to Canada and had taken time off so I could get adjusted to a new lifestyle and everyday routine. I still have vivid memories of the first time I decided to take time off being so present in the online world, and the worries that came forth with the idea. The main one being: will people forget about me and will I have to start building a social media presence all over again from scratch?

I’m here to tell you it really isn’t all that bad, and taking a break from blogging can actually help you focus on other hobbies you might have. For me, it was mainly the concept of being able to have actual free time to do whatever I want without having to worry about my blog, that really made my blogging break worthwhile.

Free Time

Like mentioned above, it was an actual godsend to have free time on my hands to do whatever I pleased. I genuinely didn’t know what to do with myself for the first few days, as I’d usually open up my laptop to do a little blogging and blog-admin work whenever I had down time.

Okay, okay, I might’ve binged watched Friends every time I had time to spare for more than 2 months, but the beauty of it is that you get to have actual downtime; I find that blogging is a 24/7 job for me, if I’m not working on my blog, it’s always on the back of my mind anyways and it’s nice to be able to let that go to relax and be in the moment.

Exploring Other Hobbies

Again, taking a break from blogging has really made me explore other hobbies I have and really focus on them. One thing I decided to sharpen my skills on last year was playing guitar which I took lessons on during spare time I would’ve otherwise spent on blogging.

Oh and if you’re interested, I’m currently trying my hand on the ukulele now! Which is surprisingly harder than playing guitar due to how small it is.

Rekindling Creativity

A big part of the reason why I took a break in the first place was because of the move to Canada, but also because I was suffering from a serious case of blogger burnout. I was so uninspired and unmotivated, and I knew it was because of how I kept on comparing myself to others – a seriously unhealthy habit. Taking a break and figuring out what my aim was with blogging was so, so needed.

Being able to not worry about my content was nice, and eventually I started to casually think about blog content, all of which I took notes on and and for a change, I was planning because I wanted to, and not because I had to.

It is such a refreshing feeling to feel inspired again, and content ideas that just came to me naturally don’t feel so forced. It was with this feeling that encouraged me to start blogging again.

Taking a break from blogging was a really good decision on my part, and I know a few others who do blogging for a hobby want to take a break but are unsure if they should. Honestly, go for it! Whether it be a week, month, year, everything will be right where you left it. Taking a break is a great way to revitalize and focus on other elements in your life.

Have you ever taken a blogging break before?

What are positive and negative aspects of taking a break from blogging, for you?