Can Activated Charcoal Really Whiten Your Teeth? | Carbon Coco

To be honest I’ve always wanted to whiten my teeth, but I never have. I know strips can make your gums sensitive, and getting my teeth professionally whitened can cost me hundreds of $$$. So you can tell why I’ve reluctantly held back on getting the much desired pearly whites. However, I was recently able to finally try whitening my teeth as Carbon Coco got in touch with me and offered to send me their Ultimate Carbon Kit*, an all natural alternative that provides oral care and teeth whitening.

The Ultimate Carbon Kit* is their bestseller; the kit includes a leaflet with instructions, a toothbrush with bamboo bristles, an activated charcoal toothpaste and an activated charcoal “tooth polish.”

Again, I’ve never whitened my teeth before, so I was especially excited to try this out! Carbon Coco claims that their products are able to whiten your teeth in 2 weeks or less so for 14 days, I incorporated these products in my everyday night time routine.

When someone says charcoal, I usually think of the charcoal you use to cook with, but fear not, I haven’t been putting charcoal grill in my mouth. This activated charcoal from Carbon Coco is made up of Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal, bentonite powder and lemon myrtle.

You’d think that black activated charcoal would taste horrible, but these don’t have a taste at all! (no smell too, fyi!) I wet the bamboo toothbrush, dip it into the activated charcoal then brush my teeth for 3 minutes. It turns your mouth completely black and it’s certainly a funny sight seeing myself in the mirror!

I unintentionally put an excessive amount of the activated charcoal on the toothbrush the first time I used the product and it made a mess all. over. the. sink. The second time around however, I was much more cautious and only dipped it in the pot very lightly. Using this method makes it much more easier to clean up, and saves you the hassle of black charcoal powder going everywhere.

After brushing my teeth with the charcoal, I noticed that little bits were stuck around my teeth which can you can get rid of with floss quite easily, or if you’re like me just ignore it and by morning it’ll be completely gone, but it’s still a nuisance nonetheless. This is also the reason why Carbon Coco suggests to use this at night to avoid unwanted embarrassment. It isn’t that obvious by the way, but if someone stares too long the little bits of black won’t go unnoticed.

After using the tooth polish, I brush my teeth with the charcoal toothpaste included in the kit. They suggest using the toothpaste for 3 minutes as well so in total I’ve been brushing my teeth for 6 minutes for the past 2 weeks now, and it’s become a habit to bring my phone with me to watch a little YouTube or listen to music to pass time whilst I’m brushing my teeth.

I’m not sure which of the 2 products are giving me the best results, but it’s worth noting that I’ve been consistent and haven’t missed a day so far.

After 14 days of regular use, here are my results! I tried my best to shoot the before and after in the same lighting…

My teeth weren’t that yellow to begin with, and my initial goal was to lighten it up 2 shades. Based on the pictures, my teeth became about a shade lighter.

Overall, this is great for those looking to get rid of mild staining from the teeth, but if you’re looking for a product that’ll really make your teeth bright and white, then I suggest going for something stronger. From my experience, natural products don’t work as quick as ones with chemicals do, so I think I’ll keep on using this for about a week, then update you on my Instagram or Twitter.

Have you tried whitening your teeth with activated charcoal?


*this post contains press samples. All opinions are my own