The Importance of Loving Your Own Blog | A Relaunch

Sincerely Reine was the first blog I’ve ever created way back in 2014. From to finally taking the plunge to go self hosted, *which was the best decision I’ve ever made for my blog btw* I’ve remained faithful to my blog URL and the general “brand” I have.

It’s no secret I get tired of my blog easily. I change my theme every other month, think about a re-brand every week and just overall displeased with my blog recently, truth be told. Blogging to me, is really personal. It’s where I’m able to express my creativity and talk about things I love (I think I can speak for all bloggers out there, hopefully) so it’s really important to me that my little space is something I can be proud of. Recently, I’ve been contemplating if I should change my URL and give my branding a little bit of a shake.

I’ve been feeling really “meh” about blogging recently. Call me a narcissist; but I used to love scrolling through my blog, purely because I just loved looking through content I created (and seeing how I can improve in the future). Heck, I even slightly enjoyed the behind-the-scenes admin work everyone calls boring.

But soon enough, I found that little spark of happiness I got from blogging basically go down the drain.

Falling out of love with something you… well, love doing, is anything but fun. I found myself frustrated; words didn’t fall in place seamlessly like it used to, photographs always seemed to turn out not quite right, and I was struggling with my presence on social media.

I was in denial, but in reality, I fell out of love with blogging.

*cue the appalling on and off blogging schedule I acquired for about a year*

Dramatic, I know.

I eventually got fed up of my lack of interest in blogging, and I decided to do something about it. I realized I outgrew Sincerely Reine, so a brand re-launch was set in place. This was what induced me to feel inspired again, and it is such a great feeling to be able to have my motivation back!

I’ve been thinking about it since December, and after too many afternoons of brainstorming, I’ve settled on a new blog name.

Welcome to The Blush Luxe!

I’m in so in love with my new domain; the name isn’t very meaningful, but it suites me and my personality perfectly and it just feels so right!

Blush pink has basically been my favourite colour since birth ~hey, I’m Reine and I’m just your friendly average millennial~ so I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my blog name somehow. And lastly, luxe was inspired by @lydiaemillen from Instagram – I’ve been following her for awhile, and there was one afternoon whilst I was scrolling through Instagram and came across her IG story where she posted an unusual definition of the word luxury.

“A quiet contentment that comes from living well and taking pleasure from one’s surroundings.”

This is a definition I’m trying to bring into my life, so it seemed perfect to incorporate it into my blog. This was back in February, so I still haven’t made up my mind but it was this March that I basically fell obsessed with the name.

I really had my heart set on “Blush Luxe” but someone already had that username on IG and I wanted the same handle on all my social medias so I had to settle for The Blush Luxe. First world problem I know, but I’m so happy with the name change and its definitely something I know I’ll be keeping in the long run!

So, did a little re-brand bring my motivation back? Absolutely!

Something I’ve realized throughout my struggles with motivation is that it’s so important to step back and think about why you started blogging in the first place. The blogging industry has changed immensely and what once was a hobby has turned into a business for many. With that being said, it’s amazing how doing something you love can become your main source of income, and with that possibility it’s so easy to slip into the world of comparison, which was exactly what happened to me. I’ve had to remind myself that it isn’t all about the numbers for me personally, and more about the fact that I do this blogging thing because it’s fun and something I enjoy spending time on.

So… What Now?

I used to strictly follow a blog schedule, but now I’m ditching it altogether. I would stress over it completely if I couldn’t post and follow the schedule, which just sounds completely silly now.

A new change also means new plans, and only posting content I am 110% proud of is what I’m aiming to achieve next. So excited for the future of my little blog, I hope you stick around to see the next chapter!

What’s something you’ve struggled with, with blogging?