My Go To Nails This Season

When winter comes around, my nails turn black. Not literally, but you get the point.

Winter season is my favourite. When cosying up with multiple layers, it’s a bit more difficult to stay fashionable during the winter. When the weather gets colder I automatically get extra lazy, and outfits have no coordination whatsoever. I’ve come to learn and accept that fashion isn’t going to be my on my side when it comes to the colder months, which is why I like to mainly focus on my nails.

I lean towards darker colours January through February but I’ve been looking on ways to oomph up my plain black nails that I can’t seem to stop wearing. This design of course, includes marble. What can you expect? I’m a ~blogger~ 😉

This is now my go to, it looks difficult to do but it’s really not hence why I enjoy it so much.

You Need:

● Black nail polish (I’m using Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Black Out)

● Gold Nail polish (I’m using Sinful Colors in Gold Medal)

● White nail polish (I’m using Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in White Out)

● A thin strip nail art brush

● A dotting tool – or toothpick


For the obvious steps – make sure your nail beds are clean, shape to your preferred style then add a base coat to keep them protected. I personally find these look much better on longer nails but its up to you which route to take – my nails are of medium length and ‘coffin’ shaped.

Paint all your nails except your ring fingers black. With my Sally Hansen polish, I only need to apply one coat. It’s important that the black dries completely before applying the gold, so make sure to find a quick drying polish if you’re as impatient as I am!

While the black is drying I like to get started with the star of this whole look – the ring finger aka the marble part. First, paint your ring fingers one coat of white, It’s optional to do so but the look ends up looking much more cleaner. Again, it’s important that this dries completely before beginning the next step!

When the white polish is completely dry, here comes the trickier part – doing the marble. You want to take a big blob of white and apply it evenly to the nail. Then, apply 3 small blobs of black polish on top of the white blob. I added a blob of gold as well, which is optional, but makes the look much more cohesive. Next, taking your dotting tool swirl the blobs together (I’ve said blob so many times now haha). You want to work quickly because this isn’t going to look good if the polish gets tacky.

Tip – When you swirl, don’t swirl continuously. You want to swirl a little bit, guide your dotting tool off towards the tip of your nail, then repeat. Don’t “raise” your dotting tool off of your nail, as it will create a little bump making your nail uneven. This method helps to thin the coat of polishes as well, saving you tons of time when you’re waiting for it to dry.

Make sure not to mix the colours too much as it will turn grey and look “dirty.” Don’t under mix as well, as the black will look like it’s splotched which isn’t going to look like marble at all. You have to find the perfect number of times to swirl. It may take a few times to get perfect, but the end result is gorgeous!

Back to the black nail polish. Once the black is fully dry, take your thin strip nail art brush dip it into the gold polish to create a straight line near the end of your nails as shown. I find it’s much easier to make straight lines when I turn my nails in the direction of the line, and keep my brush steady.

After everything is dry, take your fave top coat to finish it off. Keep in mind that the marble especially will take a bit longer to dry!

At first I wanted to make the accent nail look like real marble however it didn’t go exactly as planned. I quite like it this way though! If you’re leaning more towards the real marble look, you’ll have to add only a small amount of black polish.

And voila, you have a fresh set of nails that is very ~blogger~. I’m so obsessed with this nail design and it’s literally all I’ve been wearing these past few weeks.

All the love