Sincerely Reine This 2018

I say this every damn year but 2017 flew by far too quickly. It’s been a 2 weeks into 2018 so far and I’ve just gotten home from my 3 week vacation in central Vancouver which was incredible btw, you’ll be flooded with posts about that v soon. Truth be told I came home and was greeted with tons of deadlines I have to do for school so that’s great – obviously I’m writing this instead of working on those because #priorities.

This blog has been… hibernating for the past couple months and while I do miss blogging my break was very much needed.

I’ll go more into it on another post, but you might know I’ve moved back to Canada and it took me awhile to adjust to a new lifestyle. It’s funny how I’ve moved around so much, yet I still have such a hard time getting used to new routines! This year was the year I promised myself that I needed to up my blogging game and I plan to do just that. I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and I’m proud I’ve stuck to something for so long, even if there were numerous lengthy breaks involved along the way.

Pushing all of my rambling aside, I just wanted to say, “Hi, I’m back.” It’s been a long time coming and now that I’ve somewhat gotten used to ze changes, I’m making some room to get blogging back into my life!

I’ve been working like a mad woman this December planning what I want my blog to become.

Cue the resolutions.

Abandoning the niche

I’ve always been confused as to why bloggers ~need~ a niche. When I started out blogging it’s all everyone was talking about and I being very clueless followed the crowd and hoped for the best. At first I took on lifestyle, but soon after I wanted to focus on beauty so I did that, then I got bored and combined the two. I’ve been doing it for so long so I guess I’ve been a bit hesitant to leave and explore other options but honestly, it’s been limiting my creativity and I’m tired of it.

Here’s to not having a niche (whatever that is) and posting whatever the hell I want. When I first moved to Vancouver, I was seriously overwhelmed with how many restaurants and cafes there were. They’re everywhere. With that being said, this year I hope to go explore the city more and try out different restaurants and do little reviews on Sincerely Reine.

To continue, I want to try my hand on think pieces. There’s a lot of thoughts running around this gals head everyday, so I think it’ll be interesting and challenging for me to incorporate those into my blog. The blogger I was inspired by is none other than Chloe from The Little Plum. I’m sure you’ve heard of her but if not, she’s amazing with writing up interesting and thought-provoking pieces while being hilarious and witty at the same time.

Here’s to creating content that I’ll love. To writing about fashion, travel, food, or what’s going through my head that day… watch this space 😉


Oh Instagram – it’s a nightmare to work with for smaller bloggers.

I have a love/hate relationship with the app. I love that I’m able to share my photography and express my creativity, and I love seeing and supporting the gorgeous feeds others work hard to create. What I don’t like about it however, is how Instagram seems to be enjoying giving smaller accounts a hard time to have a fair chance of growing their following.

Besides the latter, I love the app.

I’ll be dipping my toes into microblogging on Instagram since it seems to be a thing right now. I love rambling (if you can’t tell) so microblogging and I will pair up nicely together. I took a break from Instagram as well but started posting again the middle of December… If you’d like you can follow me on the IG @sincerelyreine 😉

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I’ve always admired from afar the bloggers who continuously post stunning shots of themselves to pair up with blog posts as that’s something I haven’t quite done yet.

My relationship with my body is a complicated one and I’ve always been conscious with my appearance truth be told, and it’s really holding me back. I’m working on it, trust me! This year I want to spend a lot more time taking photos and dipping my toes into the fashion blogger world. It’s about time I stand in front of the camera instead of being behind it. First things first though, I need to learn how to pose…

I hope you’ve had a lovely January so far! I truly can’t wait to hop into the blogosphere again and be a part of the community… The new year has got me feeling super inspired and I can’t wait to fall back in love with blogging again. Bring it on!

What are your blogging resolutions this year?