4 Things I Hate About Blogging

As much as I love blogging, there are certain aspects of it I’m not a fan of. Maybe it’s just me, but the longer I’ve blogged, the more I notice these bad habits I’m starting to do…

There can be a lot of pressure

Don’t get me wrong, the blogging community or the “blogosphere” can be a great space to find supportive, inspiring people but sometimes the pressure to ‘live a perfect life’ can get to me. I know by now those instagram feeds I see is anything but unrealistic but it still makes me feel I need to buy that Chanel purse, have a pinterest worthy house and the Olympus Pen as well as go on vacations every other week in order to keep up and be relevant.

It takes up so much time

I don’t know if it’s just me, but ever since I started blogging 4 years ago, I kid you not I’ve most likely spent half a year (that’s 182.5 days) on my blog on the span of that 4 years. I go on my blogs social media to update and see what’s up when I wake up, before I sleep, on lunch break, I brainstorm while commuting to school, I write posts every single night (or at least try to), take photos on the weekend and basically do anything blog related any chance I get but that’s just taking me closer to being a #GirlBoss. Now I’m realizing blogging has made me so much more better at juggling time,is it really a bad thing?

I end up spending too much on photo props

Not gonna lie, I’ve spent more than I’d like to on photography props. You have to do it for the ‘gram’ is my excuse! Over the years I’ve collected way too many coloured cardstock paper for those flatlays, fake flowers, glitter… the list goes on and on. but now that I’m a bit older and have a bit more control (ha, who am I kidding) I know how to save up and what stores to go to for best discounts.

My blog is always on my mind

This is probably the worst one for me on this list and I’m sure at least half of you will agree with me. As a blogger my mind is constantly thinking of good content to write about and because of this, everywhere I go blogging is always on my mind. Taking stops everywhere to take photos and sometimes putting blogging before school and my social life… not good!

I love blogging, but there always will be cons to something and here are some of them for me! What are some things you don’t like about blogging?

All the love