Boracay Adventures

The beginning of February was wonderful because I got to go spend 4 amazing days in Boracay Island, a popular tourist area here in Philippines where I live. The Island has a gorgeous beach, amazing food and lots of shops to buy cute clothes from. What more could a girl want?

Early Monday morning, my family and I headed into the airport and hopped on the plane. Unfortunately, our plane was delayed but I still couldn’t contain my excitement on finally being able to go to the island after 8 long years.

We landed and was greeted with the sound of ocean waves, as quite literally the airport is by the water. We had a 20 minute drive and then we hopped unto a boat that took us to the island. After the boat ride, we then had to get in another van to take us to the hotel, which was right beside the beach!

The next 3 and a half days we did a lot of walking around the beach as there were lots of things to see and lots of shops selling souvenirs, clothes, food and other goodies. Below are some of the many pictures I took, take a look!

These pictures aren’t up to my usual standard, as I didn’t want to spend too much of my time staring at the camera screen but I hope you get a feel of the place from my photos nonetheless šŸ™‚

This is the sunset on our 2nd day. Look how pretty!

Before going on my trip, I decided to do a little nail art. I’m really proud of the outcome, they usually never look this good!

Sand art made by the locals. It’s how some are able to get extra money, as they charge you if you wish to take a picture of it. It’s quite amazing honestly, making this is a lot harder than it looks. Believe me, I tried!

How was your month? Did you go anywhere exciting?

All the love