New Year New Goals!

I’m certain you’ve seen a million of these posts on your feed already, but I think it’s important to set goals once in awhile so that we can improve and become our best selves. Here are my 2017 goals!

New Year Goals | 2017


Exercise – Every year I swear exercising is put on my list though I actually never accomplish anything from it. I want to be fit, healthy and be confident in my body this year. It’s been a week into this goal and so far so good, I WILL continue to improve myself. I’m actually going to do it this time – I SWEAR!

Study Harder – This year I want to mainly focus on my education and get grades that I can be proud of. School these past couple years have been really rough for me but I’m moving on, and with a whole new different mindset I hope I can focus on school this year and the next.

Read More Books – I’ve been busy so I haven’t really been reading much which is VERY unfortunate seeing how much I love reading. I really miss those afternoons where I can get lost in a book!


Post RegularlyI know that blogging schedules can be stressful for some bloggers, so they tend to stay away from them. Me on the other hand find blogging schedules encouraging. As I mentioned in my last post I’ll be posting once if not twice a week. Bloggers: It would be lovely if you could comment and let me know if you have a blog schedule, how many times you post in a week and what days. I’m curious how others organize their blog schedule!

Find My Writing Style – I’ve been blogging for more than a year and to be quite honest with you I haven’t found a ‘writing style’ I like. Most bloggers have a distinct way they use words that when you read a post done by them, it’s clearly obvious that they wrote it. I’m still exploring and looking for something that can give my writing a little more creativity so this year I’m really focusing on that blogging wise

Engage With Other Bloggers More Often – With time ticking so fast ( Oh why can’t we have more than 24 hours in a day?!?), I unfortunately don’t have a lot of time to engage with fellow bloggers as much as I used to. This year I’ll actually be setting time aside so I can read and support all the lovely bloggers out there. It’s time to give back the love!

So there’s the list that I can hopefully tackle this year! I’m glad to be back and I can’t wait what the year has in store for me, I need it to be a good one because well, last year was a mess but here’s hoping this year will be awesome 🙂 I hope you have a lovely day!

What are the things you wish to achieve this year?

All the love